Goals and Objectives

To arrive at the truth will require a great deal of investigation and research. Addressing every aspect of the factors involved and deriving a sense of consistency is a huge endeavor. It will also require numerous participants to gather the facts and still others to arrange them in logical order just like an artist would do to achieve a desired result.

We will have to view the data from many perspectives so that we can discern the true meaning of the subject material. The following listing is provided here for an initial attempt to reach a level of confidence that we can indeed achieve our intended goal. It may not reflect every objective, but they will serve as starting point, and may lead us to other things we have yet to learn.

1.         Collect data or information on specific topics in the form of reports, articles, journals, papers, writings, documents, technical data and any other media that warrants review and/or discussion.

2.       Organize such data in the best light in order for the subject matter to be analyzed and dissected, therefore achieving some measure of completeness.

3.          Develop a subject analysis process for all topics in order to determine the validity and accuracy of the data.   

4.              Establish a forum in order to garner a consensus on the subject material.

5.              Establish a dialog with other entities or authorities to collaborate the data.

6.            Sponsor symposiums/conferences for the congregation of the relevant facts.

7.              Develop a working relationship with media outlets.

8.              Develop a magazine approach to certain aspects of this website.

9.              Correlate subject matter to the accepted standard or theory.

10.          Based on consensus develop a theory on the subject.

11.          Scrutinize the theory/theories to the extent needed to confirm or discredit it.

12.          Publish the results.

Inspiration will Motivate!



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