It is our mission to bring together the knowledge, education and resources that will place us in the position to express or point to the truth on any subject matter. It is also our intent to arrive at an explanation with the knowledge at hand the reason for the phenomena that has occurred.

It is our belief that there is no such thing as a coincidence and that every event is carefully crafted (or not) by the sheer will of those participating in the event. This proposition begs the question:  does the notion of infinite possibilities really exist? Are we eternally caught in a predetermined path or are free to twist and turn at our every whim.

With this in mind it behooves us as a society to understand the mechanics of the reasoning behind the occurrence. Knowing that an event has occurred is only the first step to establish clarity on the subject. Perhaps the clear understanding of how and why an event has occurred is truly the answer to the possibilities question.

To achieve understanding of the mechanics we must be able to explore every aspect of events that occur including the history of the social and physical sciences that impact those events. Only after seeing and coming to understand the whole picture can we appreciate how it affects our lives.

We begin our adventure by examining the very nature surrounding and enveloping everything, because everything is what we are or what we have become. As Human Beings we already know or we think we know a great deal about ourselves. But it is apparent that we still do not know enough since we continue to allow history to repeat itself. Is this repetition beyond our control or do we really want it to reoccur. Are we satisfied with the status quo or maybe we do not want to tackle the opportunity to change, even if it is staring us in the face. By studying our own nature we may discover how we fit into the rest of the natural world and what our ultimate destiny will result.

You will observe that a significant amount of the contents of this website is concerning aviation type topics (and there will be others as well). Aviation is a subject that is near and dear to our hearts, but it also is a reflection of one small aspect of all of us. It is our desire to fly, to soar with the eagles, to see the world from above, to reach for the stars.

Our MISSION and PURPOSE is to present the events as they unfold, layout the    known facts as we see them, discuss them to arrive at a consensus and come to a tentative or temporary conclusion. We say temporary simply because we do not know what the future will bring or what new knowledge we may gain that may modify our original thinking. Once we learn how it all works, we may be able to accurately predict the future and truly become masters of our own destiny.

IMG 1089

"Of sun-split clouds -- and done a hundred things" 

From the sonnet-High Flight


"The human mind is the last great unexplored continent on earth. It contains riches beyond our wildest dreams. It will return anything we want to plant."

Earl Nightingale


How Do I See, Think, and Feel? 

My eyes see the world as it really is:

As I peer into the world I see someone running, and running, perhaps it's me, running toward something, or maybe running away from something, always in a hurry to nowhere, reaching out for nothing and becoming no one. WHY?

 My soul sees the world as it should be:

As I reflect on my life I have come to realize that for every problem in the world there is always a simple solution - always! It is human intervention that complicates the result.

 And my heart sees the world as it once was:

Oh, how I yearn for times past; running through the meadows of my life, feeling the cool brisk wind of change on my face and having not a care in the world since I know that what I have done and what lies ahead for me, was and still is my destiny.

 I now know my truth - do you know yours?

Harry J. Perez


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