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Published in the La Vernia News on March 17, 2016

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  Harry and Linda kaye Perez

Vino with a View, and More

— Arc de Texas and the Lighthouse Hill Ranch

Rooftop Terrace

    That magnificent structure on Highway 281 just this side of Johnson City is the Arc de Texas, Wine and Views. It is only one part of the 2,001-acre Lighthouse Hill Ranch, and the brainchild of owners, Eric and Kathy Meyertons, offering luxury accommodations, wine tasting, and a unbelievable array of outdoor activities. Sitting at the highest point in Blanco County, it offers a 50-mile view of the rolling hills surrounding it.

    After driving by it for the past two years and wondering what it was, we finally turned into the driveway, drove up the hill to a large parking lot. What a surprise!  Walking through the large open archway, on the left was the wine bar and on the right a lavish lobby leading to several suites on the floors above and to the rooftop terrace. We were invited to “look around” and we did. Taking the elevator to the 4th floor and the rooftop terrace, we were in awe of the view of the swimming pool and the hot tub below and splendid panorama of the surrounding ranch.

Arc de Texas

    Back down on the ground, we checked out the world class wine bar.  This is not a winery- they don’t grow, harvest grapes or make wine. What they do is buy the best wine and beer from all over the world to offer to their guests. They also offer wine tasting, so that you can find that perfect one.  But don’t think you have to sit at the bar- oh, no, guests are welcome to take their glass of wine up to the rooftop terrace, or out on the patio or down by the pool area. We had the place to ourselves until one other couple came.  The place is incredible quiet, relaxing and beautiful.

     The other extraordinary building on the ranch is the Lighthouse, which can be rented. It stands 86 foot high, has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, an observatory with a wrap-around deck and wet bar, a full kitchen as well as a private negative edge swimming pool (with slide), private hot tub and a private sports court.  The house sleeps 9-15 people.


   In addition to the Arc de Texas and the Lighthouse accommodations, the Ranch also offers five distinctively different houses scattered throughout the property; guests have access to the entire ranch including creek swimming fishing, miles of trails for ATVs, biking, hiking or riding your horse. Yes, you can even bring your horses; dogs are also welcome. With two swimming pools, a waterfall grotto, several natural waterfalls, and an abundance of wildlife  - deer, turkey, coyotes, armadillos, jackrabbits, doves and variety of other animals - its like Disneyland for adults. Of course, a visit here would most likely be for a very special occasion- it’s not your everyday –run-of-the-mill weekend.

Whether you stay over a weekend and simply enjoy a glass of wine or beer, the Arc de Texas will be an unrivaled experience.

Find It!     Arc de Texas and the Lighthouse Hill Ranch are Located 3 miles south of Johnson City on Highway 281.

The Arc de Texas is open Thursday-Saturday , 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday noon to 7 p.m.        830-868-7024. Website:

Wine Bar
Guest at Wine Tasting

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