America The Beautiful

America, the Beautiful !

There is no way I can describe how proud I am to be an American. I am so grateful to see that Americans, instead of cowering under the strain of the colossus act of inhumanity on September 11th, 2001, have embraced the fear of such an atrocity with the courage that has never existed before and may never exist again. I am also pleased to see the enormous resiliency that Americans are expressing through their actions-that also takes courage.

The courage needed to stay the course for the long haul will undoubtedly tax every fiber of our being. However, because of who we are and where we came from, and most importantly what binds us together, we must allow this courage to burst forth and prove, once and for all, that America is the brightest light and hope of the world.

This courage must not only open our minds to the truth that presents the world as it truly is, but we must also, as a people, open our heart and soul to that truth. We must do this in order to expose the true nature of terrorism.

Terrorism (of all forms) comes from EVIL. The very definition of the word – “with willful intent to cause misfortune, injury, or difficulty,” clearly points to that reality, and ultimately leads to moral decay that can easily be seen in what the world is forced to witness. Unfortunately, those who are captives of such evil are not aware that they are under that influence, and attempt to hide behind the traditional human values or even religious beliefs. This moral decay has destroyed their ability to rationally distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.

One must think that this is madness. Yes, it is MADNESS! That is why this will make the war against terrorism very difficult to fight and win. Nevertheless fight we must; we have no other choice, just as we have had to so many times before in the defense and protection of our liberties.

Everyone remembers what they were doing on this “other day of infinity,” but most of us struggle as to why this horrific day even happened to us, and why it continues to occur in a variety of ways. Perhaps because we fail to realize that, as the shining light of the world, the dark side is constantly attempting to extinguish that light and cowards away in order to hide from that truth.

I know some would ask, “What is the truth?”  It was so eloquently written, that all human beings, even those who want to harm us, are entitled to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” and is so basic a concept to Humanity's very existence, that as Americans we are willing to die in its defense. This is what makes America the shining light. This is what makes America the Beautiful.

This concept has been true since the beginning of our great country; even today and for another thousand years this idea will remain relevant, and will always be what defines America, but only if we cherish and protect it.

In developing our plans to combat evil, we also must exam the nature of the enemy. In doing so we will discover that it will become necessary to avoid our own propensity to fall victim to the same trap.

To eradicate the terrorist threat and achieve lasting peace, it is absolutely necessary to follow the right and true path, and if that means addressing all of the issues that the world sees as issues, then that’s what we must do. If we accomplish this, the world wins, the terrorists lose and America will indeed remain THE BEAUTIFUL!

If not, then...

 Harry J. Perez along with his wife, Linda Kaye are technical writers and freelance travel and aviation journalists. Harry wrote this essay while aboard an almost empty airplane on September 11, 2002, flying from Europe to New York City. Most did not want to fly that day remembering what had transpired exactly one year before. It actually was the safest day to fly.


                                                        Harry J. Perez, 2002-Posted here on January 21, 2013




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