Our universe is all inclusive and contains every ingredient to produce life. Planet Earth makes that obvious! Furthermore, to produce intelligent life, human beings make that obvious as well. But obvious does not measure to what degree life is essential to the continued survival of the universe, and to what degree humans are intelligent.

As human beings it behooves us to understand to what extent we are responsible for our own survival. We can not allow ourselves to be complacent and permit that our destiny be dictated by circumstance. We must work to achieve maximum clarity and direct our destiny. 

To achieve this feat we must come together, not apart, to solve the mysteries of the universe. If we come to recognize how the universe works, we will see that it will attempt to maintain balance. Although it appears that total chaos is occurring, the truth of the matter lies in the matter (stuff) that the universe is made of-a master plan. In the attempt to maintain balance amongst everything, every species is struggling for survival, and thereby forcing the others to compete for the available space and time.  

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It falls on our specie, the human specie, the so-called intelligent specie to come to grips with the struggle of the species. To understand this struggle is to survive. To understand how, is the first step, to understand when, is the second step and to understand WHY, is the third and ultimate question that an intelligent specie is challenged to answer.  

Once we can answer that question we will then be ready to start the process to actually develop a plan for survival, but only if we can do this together, and to accomplish it before we destroy each other. Should we be able to bring together all of the elements of this categories' section, it will go a long way to help in answering the Why question.

If we answer the question correctly everything will become crystal clear and then everything will become simple, or as simple as we allow it to be. 

                                                                                                           "Put out my hand, and touched the face of God."

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Is the sun rising, or is setting? 

If you are in control of your destiny, it does not matter, for if it is setting you can't wait till it's rising again in order to tackle all the exciting things that are about to happen. And if it is setting, you are at peace with what transpired today.

Harry J. Perez

"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, they make them." 

By George Bernard Shaw

My eyes see the world as it really is:

 As I peer into the world I see someone running, and running, perhaps it's me, running toward something, or maybe running away from something, always in a hurry to nowhere, reaching out for nothing and becoming no one. WHY?

 My soul sees the world as it should be:

 As I reflect on my life I have come to realize that for every problem in the world there is always a simple solution - always! It is human intervention that complicates the result.

 And my heart sees the world as it once was:

Oh, how I yearn for times past; running through the meadows of my life, feeling the cool brisk wind of change on my face and having not a care in the world since I know that what I have done and what lies ahead for me, was and still is my destiny.

 I now know my truth - do you know yours?

Harry J. Perez

   © Harry Perez 2012