Footloose In Fredericksburg

Published in the La Vernia News on September 26, 2013

FootLoose in Fredericksburg?

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Harry and Linda Kaye Perez

Fredericksburg Art Gallery


Enjoy First Friday Art Walk

       As far back as the settlement of Fredericksburg by German immigrants, art and culture have been engrained in this beautiful Hill Country community. Many other towns and cities across the country have attempted to imitate and achieve the success of this First Friday Art Walk phenomena, but few have been as successful. It is the incredible blend of culture, friendly people, beautiful scenery, outstanding art galleries and wineries second-to-none that makes Fredericksburg’s First Friday Art Walk what it is today.

Right: The Fredericksburg Art Gallery is among a number of galleries that welcome visitors to view  the art and meet artists during the First Friday  walks. Most of the activity takes place from 5-8p.m. 

Hill Country Overlook by Mikki Senkarik

On the left: View works by Mikki Senkarik of Floresville in the Fredericksburg Art Gallery. This is "Hill Country Outlook."

A Little Background

      Since 2008, galleries have invited visitors in for the First Friday Art Walk, to view and learn about some of the finest art from all over the United States and beyond. At your on pace, you can explore the uniqueness of each gallery while enjoying a complimentary glass of wine or champagne from one of the local participating wineries, accompanied by cheese and light snacks. Art medium includes oils and watercolors, bronze, ceramics, jewelry, glass, wood and stone, just to mention a few.

      Many galleries have featured artists available on First Fridays for guests to meet or for a demonstration of their particular art form. Although the galleries open at 10:00 a.m. most of the activities and refreshments will be between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. One gallery owner told us that he once stayed open until 11:00 p.m. because he had guests that just didn’t want to leave.

            I think what we enjoyed the most was perusing the art with absolutely no pressure to purchase anything. We were greeted, welcomed and made to feel like family just dropping by to see the art. Check the First Friday website one week before the first Friday of the month for more information about events and live music entertainment.

                         Take a Walk

Agave Gallery

       If you start in the 200 block of West Main, you will discover four galleries in that one block; continue to stroll west and you will encounter many more within the next few blocks. There are also several more galleries just off Main Street; eleven to fourteen galleries participate each year.  Be sure to pick up a map at the Visitor Center or in the first gallery you visit to help you find your way. One of our favorites was the Fredericksburg Art Gallery where we found paintings by Mikki Senkarik, a resident of Floresville.

       Parking is free. It is recommended that you do not park on Main Street; it is be difficult to pull out because of the traffic. Park one block off either side of Main Street for greater ease.

                        More than Art

      In addition to art, Fredericksburg is also known for the live music scene, with many clubs and concerts, fantastic restaurants, and unique bed and breakfast accommodations, not to mention the National Museum of the Pacific War Museum. There is literally something for everyone.

     Oh, yes, did I mention shopping? Main Street is packed with unique, chic and one-of-a-kind boutiques, from heirlooms to outfitters - stores with names like Grasshopper & Wild Honey, Parts Unknown and the Red Baron Antique Mall. And, of course, mixed in with all these great shops are restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and dessert cafes, many with German themes.

      Fredericksburg is a beautiful 96-mile drive from LaVernia. Go for the art; stay for the culture, history, food and fun.

Beautiful Art
Cactus by Artist, Barry Bradley
Insight Gallery

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