What is the common threat that binds all life on Earth? THE WISH TO SURVIVE. Our DNA provides the WILL to survive and even the smallest life form strives to survive. With Human Beings everything we do, we do to survive. This drive is further enhanced by our awareness of life all around us. We are aware of our own existence and our place in the world. Armed with this basic concept we can move forward with the establishment of the MANIFESTO of the Human Condition and how to protect it.

Self-awareness makes us a unique species. It assists us to recognize that this drive to survive was given to us as a tool to ensure the survival of the species. To survive in this realm is equally important to every Human being, leading us to logically believe (conclude) that a set of natural laws or rules on this subject must exist no different then we would find in mathematics or any of the physical sciences.

In the non-intelligent world the natural laws are called INSTINCT. This instinct guides the species to live out their lives at some level of balance and harmony. Each species develops their skills as given to them to achieve the level of balance that fits into the big picture. All species participate in nature’s rhythm of life and provide each other the tools to survive. In the past those species that could not adjust to the environment of the time did not survive.

In the intelligent world, we as Human Beings realize that survival of our species can only happen if we help each other to do so. Consequentially, our species must also recognize that we too must live under natural laws as well. These laws will guide us to also achieve a level of balance and harmony just like all other species must achieve.

If we accept the premise that we truly are intelligent, that we too have the will to survive and that this will comes to us as a natural inheritance as inhabitants of Planet Earth, then we must accept the notion that the right to survive is inherent in our very being, our DNA. In this case, as a group we must establish a set of rights (bill of) that allows for the acceptance of each other’s right to survival.

For example, if I am to survive I must be willing to allow my neighbor to survive as well. With this basic right facing us, we must work together for that common good-TO SURVIVE. 

The thought of taking of another Human Beings life or depriving him of the same benefits of life, as one self would have, or deprive another the tools for survival does not make common sense. Whether it is a senseless murder or the killing of another in an act of war, stealing of another’s property with the incorrect rationalization that it is an act of survival, still violates that basic natural law.

Those who perpetrate an act that violates basic human rights, or sets the stage for such violation, even if it does not necessarily include a serious crime, is still going against basic natural law.

Even the smallest act of abuse of human rights can ultimately lead to greater abuse and tempts the mind to defend the act as an act of survival. Our basic instinct can easily rationalize this behavior. Repeated rationalization will finally lead to a complete breakdown of the moral fiber that binds human beings together. We would then foster the notion that if we don’t defend ourselves we will not survive.

We have forever postulated that we can and must defend ourselves when others are of the mind to violate our rights, even to the extent of baring arms to prevent from being harmed. We have long held the proposition that we can and must defend our property for we have worked hard to achieve the proper ownership of such property. And until we figure out how to convince all that each one of us has inalienable rights that must be protected, then these postulates and propositions will continue to be accepted. In a perfect world this would not be of concern.

In a truly intelligent world must we hide behind the fear factor, that we must survive at all cost, every man for himself, survival of the fittest, nothing matters but to be number one and the winner takes all. We can cite endless cliques and since we have been conditioned for so long to embrace such notions – we accept them.

I was watching a pro basketball game on television one night recently and was flabbergasted to see a player pounding his chest, exhibiting that machismo image after supposedly been a victim of a foul. After seeing the video replay, it clearly showed that the opposing player committed no foul. The adsorbent display apparently was not because he was a great and wonderful player displaying his skills, but rather it was a show of arrogance in that he actually got away with something, he fooled the referee and caused him to call a foul when none was there.

Wouldn’t it be a novel idea if instead he had quickly and vehemently denied that his opponent committed a foul on him? Of course not, he has to win at all cost, he has to be number one. And guest what, the audience swallows it. We are conditioned to accept less then what is fair, correct and honest.

If this happens often enough, society starts to breakdown. We begin to sense we are not masters of our destiny. We accept the notion that we cannot do anything about it. We begin to feel helpless. We degrade into complacently and quickly spiral down into the pit of despair and failure.

When we arrive at this juncture we are ripe for total nationalization and we can justify anything. The sad thing about this is that those who remain honest and fair are put in the awkward position of believing that society must come to the defense of those being abused or maltreated. We fall into same old trap of rationalizing what has to be done to rescue the victims. This opens the many doors we should not walk through. Therefore, the cycle is repeated again and again.

Of course this does not mean that we should not come to the rescue. It does mean that we must begin to come to a clear understanding of who and what we are, before we can come to grips with what we must do to really survive. If we do not achieve this we will not survive. Keep in mind that in the overall scheme of things and the time line of Human existence, we have been around a very short time. Many species have come and gone, are we next?

History can point to grim examples as to what can happen if we do not preserve our dignity and use it to guide us to the correct choses to ensure our survival. What happened to the Roman, Greek, Egyptian empires-they disappeared and chaos reined.  We were forced to struggle through the Dark Ages for a very long time. We have for all time considered that the excesses allowed by those in charge brought great harm to the very people that brought these empires into existence.

Naturally, this is considered not to be a good thing and by definition the opposite of good is evil. Perhaps this evil included greed, lust for power or coveted others’ property. Maybe their business as usual attitude, after hundreds of years of ruling the masses, led to their complacently which in no way excused their complicity. We could point to an endless list of indiscretions.

No one has guaranteed us that GOOD will triumph over EVIL, at least in the short term without our asserted efforts. It took hundreds of years to recover from the indiscretions of the past. It makes sense that good should overcome evil. Even under the simplest natural law, it would be a good thing to survive. But would it be a good thing to survive basically at the expense of another. How far do we take this proposition, where do we draw the line and can we honestly justify our actions. Can we hide behind the notion that we are what we are and we cannot do anything about it, or do we claim ignorance because we didn’t know (any better)?

In our MISSION STATEMENT we expressed the belief that there is no such thing as coincidence and every event, every moment is carefully crafted by the sheer will of those participating. We went on to ask the question as to whether the notion of infinite possibilities really exists. Are we eternally caught in a predetermined path or are we free to twist and turn at our every whim. Which one do we want? This Website is dedicated to the construction of a model that will take all relevant information into consideration in order to arrive at a plausible truth that will help us to decide what we truly want. 

If we choose to hide behind a shroud of darkness and pretend ignorance of the realities of life, then I believe we have chosen the predetermined path (predestined). To some extend that is exactly what many of us have chosen and perhaps that is what we prefer. Not willing to exert the extra effort to a make a difference in our lives. Having chosen this path makes us perfect targets for those unscrupulous in our world to convince us to do their will. Is that what we want-to become mindless puppets and be controlled by others at their every whim.

Fortunately some of us recognize that humanity having received a greater degree of intelligence and free will would prefer to believe that anything is possible and go about their lives making it happen. They are the ones that understand that to make an event occur they must be able to discern the truth of the matter that they are pursuing. The old clique the truth will set you free fits perfectly since when one knows the truth, he or she can twist and turn at their every whim and be confident that their survival is assured. Without the truth we become truly lost. By pilling back all of the data we will gather on a subject, will help us to understand the relevant facts that will ultimately guide us to reassemble the subject matter into a genuine truth.

The pursuit of the truth is what Three Lights Green is about. Of course this is easier said than done. Nevertheless, we must endeavor to succeed. To endeavor to succeed does not necessarily mean that the truth we pursue has be controversial. It could simply be a truth about how to assemble a bicycle.

So when it comes right down to it-what do we do? Here are a few things we can do:

IMG 2597

·      Establish Goals

·      Establish Objectives

·      Develop Plans

·      Develop Directives

·      Create Strategies

                                                                 Determine a Path to Understanding

This is only a starting point with an evolutionary process to continue. How long will it take to reach a saner world? No one knows for sure, but we must not fall into the same trap of trying to solve the world’s problems too quickly. This has never worked in the past and has actually led to making matters worst. My guess is that it would take several generations to safely arrive at a conclusion. The answer lies in a deliberate and calculated approach to each element of the truth.

Our PURPOSE here is to arrive at a consensus as to the truth of the matter. Once reaching a consensus on what we perceive to be the facts on a particular subject, we can then piece together a theory on the relevancy of the subject matter. By forging an alliance with all factions of society we may be able to extrapolate a reasonable answer. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANYONE ATTEMPT TO TAKE MATTERS INTO THEIR OWN HANDS.  Our job here is to point to the truth, not create it.

There is hope, there is always hope, are you ready for the challenge?

Inspiration will Motivate!

   © Harry Perez 2012