You Will Know!

You Will Know!

Are we a Nation of Laws?

My thought is that the answer to all our troubles in this world is very simple; if your about to do something for or against your neighbor and you would not want that done to you, then you will know that it is wrong-it’s usually illegal.

It is usually illegal because thoughtful people along the way determined that creating laws to protect the innocent made reasonable sense, thus making us a nation of law  

But laws are established and followed only to keep order, and the assurance that by keeping these laws we as a civilized society will remain at peace with and among ourselves.

Any rule or law becomes so, simply because as a civilized society we recognize that our nature as Human Beings was created to deal with the natural existence of our world. Natural Law has prompted us to further recognize and accept that a moral code must exist to help guide us through the perilous nature of the planet.

Although the planet is perilous, does that mean we are the same? It is a myth that human beings are a corrupt and violent race by nature. On the contrary, as history has validated many times, we have been created for a higher purpose and therefore destined to achieve that higher purpose through a civilized approach to life and happiness. But we must be free in order to do so.

Consequently we live in world that is governed by the rule-of-law, not chaos.  Speaking about history, it has shown that the spirit of the free, will always triumph over those who choose to trample over the weak and humble.

 Harry J. Perez, 1-20-20

   © Harry Perez 2012