Religion-To Have Faith

When you have been dragged down into the mud and life seems hopeless, just look at the picture below and you will know that even there the sun still shines brightly and the waters of life will always calm your soul.  


                                                                                                                                   Photo By: Linda Kaye Perez 

                                                                       Gerlache Strait, Antarctica

What a fantastic view-Right?  You might say we were on top of the world-No we were at the bottom of the world. But in the big scheme of things, being in the Universe, there is no top or bottom, just there!

If you look carefully at the photo, the distant mountain peak shrouded by clouds is about 15,000 feet tall, but as we traversed through the strait earlier in the day we sailed  right by that peak and it did not seem so tall. 

So there is nothing that is so bad that you can not overcome if you put your mind to it- Determination and Will Power along with a little faith in yourself and someone or something greater then yourself, will get you through.


From The Christ

“Come to me,” he said to the little children. And they came. “Listen to my message,” he said to all. And they listened. “Follow me,” he said. Easier said then done!

With human frailties, such they are, it is extremely difficult if not impossible for us to drop everything and follow anyone into the unknown. That takes real faith!

Sometimes, under duress and desperation we will blindly follow those who offer an escape from what appears to be an insoluble situation - thinking, in many cases wrongly, that the answer lies in an abyss.

Once we have fallen off the edge, we wonder - WHY? WHY didn’t I see that coming? WHY me is the typical reaction most of us have. But the real question should be, why didn’t we listen better?

For any message given, a great deal of supposition and conjecture exists. Even though Christ meant it literally, he understood that not many would follow in his footsteps. Most of us will walk along side of him, holding on to the cruxes of daily lives; ready to turn away when the road gets bumpy.

Yet his message is truly all encompassing and very personal in nature, for we all are made to be unique individuals, with much diversity. Therefore, his message is directed to each of us as if we were the only one left in the world.

Granted, it may take all of our lives to correctly interrupt the message he sends, but oh boy! When we finally get it, what an enlightenment we will experience.

And when you do finally get it, you will not be able to explain it to anyone else, for the message is for you and you alone. You will just have to live it. And the rest must be left to FAITH!


What seems impossible to us is but a comma to the

Good Lord Above .

With God nothing is impossible-He created you!


Free To Choose


   © Harry Perez 2012