Free to Choose

By: Harry J. Perez, your faithful servant in the year of our Lord 2018

 When we come to fully appreciate what God is, and clearly understand that He is truly omnipotent; meaning that He is all knowing and there is nothing that He can’t do or can’t be, then it will be possible that we are ready to share in His glory. This is what He has always intended for us-His children.

With His omnipotence and His knowledge of all things, we can then establish that their exists an infinite number of possibilities of what can exist or that can be done in this magnificent universe (s) which He created and that we live in-WOW!

Now you may ask, does that mean that we are predestined to be or forced to do something beyond our control? NO; what this means is that God Being infinite in His existence has allowed there to be an infinite number of possibilities to also exist.

The greatest gift He has given us is free will. This means that we can do or say anything we want (we can choose between good and evil) because these things can exist in an infinite world. We can choose to do theses things because He has allowed us to do so.

He has allowed us to choose between Him and ourselves. He created us out of pure love and wants to share His existence with us for all eternity. But we must choose Him in order to receive that eternity. We have the choice of traveling with Him on His journey into eternity, or stay behind. Once the door shuts there is no changing our minds-so be careful.

Since the Human Race is not omnipotent He has established ways and means whereby we can build a path to reach Him. Knowing full well that in our existence (limited in scope) we could not do so by ourselves, He has given us the gifts to consume in order to be worthy of sharing that destiny.

Just as in all of His creation; for instance the universe-also limited in scope, and operating within certain established limits and boundaries (i.e., laws of physics), we too are therefore bound to specific guidelines in order to reach the level of readiness so as to be qualified to enter into His infinity. Perhaps because of Adam and Eve, we temporarily lost sight of our true destiny; we must now work hard to gain re-entry.

He created each and every one of us as unique individuals blessed with all of the same gifts we are discussing here. Please remember that being created out of pure Love, God’s perfect Love, He considers us as His offspring, His children. This must mean (logically speaking) that He created us in His own image and likeness, just as we know that we have pro-created our own children in like manner.

Furthermore, we must come to understand that He has given us a clear path to reach Him. The most obvious are the 10 Commandments, for each one revolves around God Himself and each and every one of us, and our combined relationship. These are our boundaries that will keep us on the road to our destiny, and will keep us on course and out of the ditches of life. They are meant to keep us out of harms way and not to restrict us. Keep this in mind, God is not a vindictive God, for creation of almost everything is out of love not hate. Evil (not created by God) exists when we choose to turn away from GOOD, from God.

Consequently, in order to maintain our relationship with the Creator we must recognize that He created all of us (Humanity) for His purpose, of which is to share in His eternity through His abiding Love. This is why the 10 commandments exist, to show that it is only in our love for each other that we can truly love God. How do achieve this this?

Just think for a moment, and ask yourself, how do I want to be treated? How do I expect to be treated? Then, that is exactly what everyone else expects as well, no matter how difficult that may be-Love thy neighbor as thy self. To deal with the established truth of individual freedoms otherwise, goes against this moral dictum, which we illustrate here.        

Our Free Will, crucial to our existence, many times stands in the way of fully embracing the notion that while we have this great gift, freedom of choice, the happiest we will ever be is when we choose to receive the love of God through His graces, and by keeping His commandments. Yes we can choose not to partake, but we will only be chasing false happiness.

The bottom line for us today is to choose wisely in order to secure our ultimate inheritance. When faced with the decision as what path to take, remember that there are an infinite number of possibilities to choose from and one should not be afraid to pick our course if we know what the rules are, and we know the Truth about what life is all about.

The old clique 'the truth will set you free’ fits perfectly here since when one knows the truth, he or she can twist and turn at their every whim and be confident that their survival in the vastness of God’s creation is assured. Without the truth we become truly lost.

When we pick our path, and we are free to do so, and we inadvertently (or even intentionally) make a mistake, don’t worry, for there are many more choices to pick from to get us back on tract. God knows the results of every choice you may make and knows the correct path that will rescue you from disaster. You just have to ask Him for help - He will provide you with the Truth and the Light to bring you home.

 Consider this; as much as it is a mystery to us how that there are an infinite number of choices we have at our disposal, infinite means that there is no end to those possibilities and that in partnership with God we can travel into infinity with Him, forever.


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          Photograph by: www.KonstChrist/SkyandTelescope

How it all works

For a long time now we have been stumbling around trying to figure out what it’s all about. Whether its science, or medicine, or social order or even life itself, and just when we think we know how something works, we are often faced with more new questions then we have answers-always befuddled. But once we learn how it all really works, we may be able to accurately predict the future and truly become masters of our own destiny.

What this means is that we (each individual) can break loose from all of the rigor that life throws at us-like the crushing weight of every day trauma and the negative influences that are constantly leading us astray, and then to latch on to the lifelines that God has gifted us with, in order to master that destiny which He has offered us. We just have to LISTEN, listen for that subtle voice calling. Are you listening?

Beyond What we Know

 As for the question of how the idea of Infinite number of possibilities works, although a mystery, here is a simpleton’s explanation. Here goes: 

·      Look at the photo above; can you count the number of stars? Impossible for us to do so, RIGHT? And this is only a very small area of the night sky. I cannot fathom that all of this, the entire universe (or more), happening with no rhyme or reason, with no purpose and by accident. Therefore we can reasonably surmise that something or some One had to create it all-you would think. Logically we could arrive at the idea some One with much more intelligence than we possess must be at the source of it. We will call Him GOD.

·      Now that we know that He exists we must also surmise that this God is all knowing-He has to be, and we have the faith that He does.

·      Therefore, it would make perfect sense that there is nothing He can’t do-RIGHT? Since He is perfect in everyway then we must further surmise that He knows every infinite path that exists, and a God with no limits certainly will have limitless paths to follow.

·       Since we can accept that He created Humanity and the universe so that He could show His abiding love for us, and wishes to share His domain with us as well, He would definitely want us to pick carefully the path to take to safely arrive at His front door. He is our GPS. No, He is our UPS-Universal Positional System.

·      Again since He is an omnipotent God, He knows exactly what will occur at every step we take so that as we take those steps, based on a decision we made to take that step, He already knows what will happen. As we continue take steps into the future, and as we twist and turn, moving forward and backward we are constantly changing the path to our destiny. When we do this we are also interacting with all those around us, and changing their choices, thereby changing their paths as we interact with them, consequently changing ours as well. One person alone could procreate millions of choices over a lifetime.

·      As we continue to grow in knowledge and hopefully become the wiser, and as we twist and turn onto new paths, procreating new possibilities we can come to appreciate the true meaning of life and the reason we are here.

·    Over the span of the total time of Human existence we will have procreated trillions and trillions of possibilities. Not infinite mine you, since we have had a beginning. On the other hand, God in His infinity has always being-hard for us to fathom this. No beginning, no end, that’s the mystery. Just thinking about it is mindboggling enough, but as curious a species that we are we should be driven to uncover the reality of such a feat, and by doing so gain the wisdom that will help us to discover the totality of all of God’s creation.

·      We are not speaking about pre-destiny when we point to these infinite possibilities, because God has given us the gift of FREE WILL, and we (each one of us) can freely choose when and where to turn. Since God is infinite and He has allowed us to pick the path out of an infinite number of possibilities, we in essence are pro-creating (as God Has allowed) those possibilities as we move along. He already knows what each possibility will produce. But He won’t stop us lest we stumble and then ask for help. This will go on until we grow in knowledge and wisdom and become worthy of a place at His table. He will allow us to continue for as long as it takes, for He has all the time that we need-He has all eternity.

·      Unfortunately, as Adam and Eve chose badly and took the Human Race in the wrong direction, and we lost our way, our Good Lord had to shift gears and come up with a plan that would help get us back on tract. He proceeded to send God the Son, Jesus Christ, to institute that plan and to deliver a message of hope and forgiveness.

·     Here is the dilemma for us; how do we know this to be true? From what we have learned since the beginning and what we have learned since Jesus came, we can clearly see the evidence that He has shown us to be true. This should help us to develop the faith needed to open our minds and get a glimpse of God Himself through these processes. Just like that little train kept saying, “I think I can, I think I Can-God knows we can! He has faith in us.

When we reach the end of this gran story, we will be shocked to learn that today we were only in the first chapter of the book. We have just begun on this long journey, and the secret is that if we do it right we (each individual) will not know nor care when we have transitioned into the eternal phase.

The real question remains; do we really want to be free to choose God’s way, or do we want just our own way, not to be bothered? My guess is that if we know the TRUTH we would definitely choose the right way-God’s way.

With God’s blessing we will all get there!


   © Harry Perez 2012