FORT CROGHAN-An amazing view into the past

Published in the La Vernia News on September 28, 2017

    Although you know you are in a museum, eerily you can’t help but being drawn into the past as you peer into the tiny buildings that housed real people, at a time long passed, but not forgotten. At the Fort Croghan Museum in Burnet, Texas, you quickly get that sense, but for the city noises surrounding this relic of the past, you would be engulfed by the sound of silence.

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  Harry and Linda Kaye Perez

    Fort Croghan Museum and Grounds established in 1849, was third of the first four original forts set up by the U.S. Government to protect settlers in the area from the Comanche and Apache warriors. This was home to Company C, 8th Infantry, U.S.A. (mounted) and eventually became the headquarters of the Second Dragoon Regiment.

School House

    The Fort named for Colonel George Croghan, who was a War of 1812 hero who later became Inspector General for the U. S. Army. Originally the Fort consisted of 1600 acres beginning at Hamilton Creek and stretching westward to Post Mountain.

     Along with many artifacts such as tools, household goods and western gear, there are several buildings that were erected by soldiers at the Fort including the hospital, officers' quarters, enlisted men's huts, commissary, bakery, schoolhouse, horse and mule lots, and meticulously and painstakingly restored to their original condition.

      As intriguing as history is to us today, being able to grasp a sense of how life was in the past and how it compares to ours today, is just as intriguing. You will be met by volunteers in period costume with a wealth of knowledge on Fort Croghan. They will certainly enlighten you on the significant role the Fort played in the taming of the West, especially central Texas.


     In particular as you view the tiny schoolhouse, just imagine and wonder for a moment, how those children were able to learn anything in such confined surroundings with few windows to peer out from, but also think of the teacher having to deal with such conditions. This took courage and dedication.  

     Similar to the schoolhouse, you will see other structures of that time here at this Fort.  We all can be in awe as what those of the past had to endure. By visiting this gem of history, we can become more appreciative of what we have today.

     Fort Croghan was abandoned after it had served it purpose, left in ruin and perhaps forgotten for quite some time until the 1960s. A group of local citizens interested in preserving Burnet County’s past, along with the city of Burnet, formed the Burnet County Historical Society, and came to the rescue to begin the restoration of Fort Croghan. And, as it is often said, “the rest is history” hopefully to be appreciated and enjoyed by all.

     Allow one hour to see the museum and grounds; there is no admission fee, but donations are appreciated. Fort Croghan is located just a 1 ½ hours drive from the LaVernia area, via  Highway 281.

     The museum is open on Thursday through Saturday, from the first Thursday in April until the second Saturday of October, and is also open on the second Saturday in December for their Christmas celebration.

Teepee at Fort Croghan

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Living History Day  October 14, 2017 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Re-enactors will give visitors a sense of what life was like for early pioneers and settlers.

 Christmas at Old Fort Croghan December 9, 2017 5:00 PM to 8:00 PMCelebrate Christmas the way our ancestors did.

Fort Croghan Grounds & Museum      703 Buchanan Dr., Burnet (512) 756-8281


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